As I Remember It: ZELIN BRWILD #1

⇒I went forward into the frigid mountain air. Coming over the crest of a ridge I was climbing I was struck by the sight of a purple glowing body of a long slender dragon curled sleepily on the peak of the mountain. On further examination, there were black spots of cancer growing across its body that seemed to have a mind of its own. Eyes were peering lazily out of the black masses of growth. The eyes were reminiscent of a chameleon in nature, looking this way and that. They looked randomly across the snow covered ground. Cautiously, I approached.

⇒Shallow, steamy water surrounded a dais near the lazily hanging head of the dragon. Pillars of stone skirted the edges of the hot spring. As I was wading into the warmth of the water, I could taste the last remnants of my spicy dish wear off that was keeping my blood warm in the icy mountain snow. It was my last food that I had, the trip off the mountain would have to be quick lest I find myself freezing to death.

⇒Approaching the center of the hot spring I climbed onto the dais and could feel the breath of the dragon. Slowly, the eyes of the long, slender beast opened its eyes and every cancerous growth that had grown eyes all suddenly noticed my presence. I quickly ate a dish that made my body feel stronger, making my attacks stronger before pulling out my bow as the dragon bellowed. The beast lifted from the tip of the mountain and began flying above me. I launched my first volley into the blinking eye of a charcoal colored growth. It exploded into a great hue of red as the dragon bellowed again, but the black growth had subsided where I had struck.

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