(A-Z Challenge, read sequentially from A-Z! [Hint: Click HERE and scroll to the bottom.] Or don’t, that’s fine, too.)

“Agoraphobic, and to top it off he also suffers from delusions and complaints of tinnitus. Poor bastard says it is like a buzzing of a crowd and between the hallucinations and the sound in his ears he can be alone but feel like he’s in a crowd. It is driving him mad without his meds, chief.” Jabari said distracted as he maneuvered the freighter ship in orbit around 532 Herculina, a 225km asteroid. “They weren’t wrong; thing does look like a toaster.”

“What about a toaster?” Ann replied.

“Nothing, nevermind. Anyways, I got the bastard locked up in the cargo hold chained to a container, for the time being, you want to try and talk Sag out of it?” Jabari asked.

There was a hesitation before Ann responded, “No, leave him be.”

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