(A-Z Challenge, read sequentially from A-Z! [Hint: Click HERE and scroll to the bottom.] Or don’t, that’s fine, too.)

“Ganymede might a good place to start,” Jabari suggested through the headset. Spinning slowly in the pilot’s chair of their mid-size freighter ship he tapped out a drumbeat on the arms of the chair. “Or we could just head back to Luna now that we are rid of Sag.”

“Sachi is up and ready, Jabi, you aren’t getting rid of him that easily,” Ann replied.

“Stoooooop with the Jabi. Oy, and what kind of voodoo shit did you do to get him, ‘up and ready,’ Ann. He tried. To. Kill. Us. Ann. We can’t take him on a nice few month cruise and risk him maybe decided it’s our body part he wants to do away with in our sleep!” Jabari found himself growing increasingly angry at her insistence of keeping this psychopath around.

“We have plenty of medication now, Sag will be okay, and he is not a threat to himself or anyone else now. You know we need him, we can’t finish this run without him, Jabari. When it comes to seeing what others can’t or don’t want to, he is the best, always has been. There is no other way, I’m sorry, he’s coming with us. As soon as this is over we will put him on the closest rock he finds suitable.”

“If he doesn’t find any rock suitable, chief?” Jabari asked, defeated and knowing she was right.

“Then the closest pile of metal floating in the deep dark, somewhere, promise. Now, can I finish eating this poor excuse for food, I’m starving,” Ann closed the communication and met Rhett’s eyes sitting across from her, “How is he?”

Rhett shrugged, “The medicine is working, but as comes with this kind of thing he remembers only the girl like he always does. Nothing of any events after that come to memory for him. I’ve upped his dosage, but I think it’s only a matter of time. Like it or not, Jabari might actually have a point this time.”

Ann nodded slowly as she chewed the last bits of her tasteless meal, “He won’t live through this anyhow, Rhett. Thank you for helping him, though.”

“Can you at least save his eyes, those things aren’t cheap, Ann,” Rhett smiled to her.

“I’ll ask him to make sure not to damage your toys before he gets himself killed,” Ann tried to put a lightness in her voice, but something about all this was eating at her. Something seemed off about the plan they had seemed so sure about, time was becoming her enemy. ‘Space is too big, just need this over with,’ Ann thought.



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