(A-Z Challenge, read sequentially from A-Z! [Hint: Click HERE and scroll to the bottom.] Or don’t, that’s fine, too.)

Jabari sat silent, without thoughts, and unmoving. He watched Luna in the distance coming slowly closer, or rather, them closer to it. The hazy blue in the background that was Earth was an afterthought to the colony city lights in the deep cold of the dark side of Luna shining through the blackness like stars inhabiting the surface. Growing up with the backside of metal walls to look at gave Jabari an appreciation for the simple beauty of space. It seemed that the further we as a species traveled into the deep dark the less appreciative we became of things like views, horizons, and beauty. That’s how it felt to him anyhow being exposed to the wrong side of a station, there wasn’t a readily amount of windows available for the scum back alley rats to gaze out of. ‘If there was a window, it was usually the wrong side of an airlock when you pissed off the wrong mouse,’ he thought.

A soft beep brought Jabari out of his reverie. It was the notification of the security checking in on the clearance of the ship. Jabari opened the channel, and a woman’s voice spoke professional and to the point, “Freighter ship, Mae, state your purpose.”

The name sounded odd in Jabari’s ear, he didn’t refer to the ship by name and had almost forgotten it, “Refresh, refuel, and move on, Luna.”

“Understood. Submit trade and shipping licenses before approval,” the professional woman replied.

Jabari did as she asked and it was only a couple moments before she messaged back only a written communication indicating clearance for the rest of the way into Luna space. “Good to go?” Ann said standing behind him.

“Seems so,” Jabari responded turning the chair to her. “Should be another couple hours with the speed they restrict us to. Should we eat?”

Ann approached the large horizontal, ‘window,’ that faced the direction they were going. In truth, there were no actual windows, only a projection of what was ahead of them. The quality of the projection was near flawless enough to fool any human eye, though. “She is beautiful, isn’t she?” Ann said admiringly.

“Luna? Yeah, a pretty little satellite, truth be told,” Jabari replied.

“Jabi,” Ann raised her brow and looked to him, “Earth, I mean Earth, not that hunk of rock.”

Jabari laughed, “You mean that chunk of Earth with poisoned oceans and boiling air, yeah. Sure is a bute, Ann.” Jabari shook his head, smiling as he stood. “Well, suppose we can eat in the lounge when we get there. I’m going to get some coffee.” He put his hand on her shoulder in a friendly gesture. As he went to leave he turned to look back to her. “Oh, is Sag still in his room?”

Ann kept looking out the projection window and merely nodded with a “Mmhmm,” as her only answer.

“Good,” Jabari said as he left to make his coffee.

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