(A-Z Challenge, read sequentially from A-Z! [Hint: Click HERE and scroll to the bottom.] Or don’t, that’s fine, too.)

“Mechanics, my ass, you are racketeers! Twenty-eight thousand credits?! I don’t want a new drive, just fix this one!” Ann slammed the terminal with the quote on it down on the counter.

“Look,” the clean-shaven man behind the counter said with a patient tone, “you bring me a pile of broken bolts and ask me to make it functional, this is what we need to do it.”

Ann growled under her breath, they were running out of time and had nowhere near the amount they needed to get going again. She couldn’t find where Sag had gotten off to and was growing increasingly frustrated. ‘A drink, that sounds fantastic.’

Ann made her way through the main thruways of Luna station to the nearest place she could find to settle her thoughts and figure out where they were going to go from here. She settled on an unremarkable hole in the wall with a flickering holographic sign above the entrance that read “Ethyl-o-Luna.” ‘Cute,’ Ann thought absently as she made her way in.

Sag was sitting at the bar, facing away from her, with a tall, lanky man next to him and they seemed to be speaking. Ann was dumbfounded, “You don’t even drink, Sachi! What are you doing here?!”

The room of twenty or so patrons all turned to her, it was the evening for the majority of the working class, so it was plenty full in the small bar. Sag’s friend was looking at her with a bemused look on his face, Sag himself still sat facing away from her, unmoving. Ann waved away the others and made her way to the two across the room and sat to the other side of Sag at the same time he looked at her with. A small corner of his lips raised in a smirk. “Buenas ibuningu, Annie.”

Ann shook her head and looked at the water in front of him, “Who comes here just for water?”

“Ann,” Sag said as he leaned back motioning to Jason, “this is Jason, I don’t believe you’ve met.”

Ann nodded to the tall, thin man, “Hello, Jason. A friend of Sachi’s then?”

Jason smiled wide, “Ay, my lady, and he’s spoken well about you truth be told!” That melodic voice was thick with an accent she couldn’t place and sounded like it belonged to a man much, much bulkier than he was with how deep it was; the contrast threw her off.

Her brow furrowed, but she returned the smile, “Please, don’t call me that.” Ann turned to the approaching bartend that dropped food in front of the two and she took a moment to order a drink before turning back to Jason. “How did you meet, Sachi?”

“University,” Jason replied as he placed a hand on Sag’s shoulder, “Sag and I here made quite the team in classes with both our engineering focus’.”

Ann raised an eyebrow to him, “So you were both into bio-engineering, then?”

Jason laughed, the tone rumbling and from the gut, “No, no. I couldn’t stand any of that biology nonsense. I was the mechanical sort.”

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