(A-Z Challenge, read sequentially from A-Z! [Hint: Click HERE and scroll to the bottom.] Or don’t, that’s fine, too.)

Nebulas Mists was the inscription on the side of the run and gun style ship that was docked nearest to where Ann’s freighter ship, Mae, was currently. Ann was admiring the sleek design of the Neb, knowing it would be easier to count the ships that could keep up with it rather than the ones it could outrun. The Neb spotted a fantastic paint job of its namesake, a dark red-hued nebula spread nicely along the sides of the hull. Ann recognized it as the Horsehead Nebula, fitting for the runner.

“She’s a pretty one,” a deep melodic voice cooed from behind her.

Ann was immediately upset that Sag’s friend snuck up on her and the fact that she jumped, only slightly, but noticeably still. “Oy, Jason, make some more noise would you.” She turned away from the Nebulas to face him, “So?”

Jason nodded his head toward the ship she was just looking to, “Sure you just don’t want to try and buy that?”

“Ha! That makes us slaves to the creditors for years, let’s just get out old bolt fixed up. What will it take?”

“Mechanic wasn’t so far off when you include what these union ship doctors get paid,” he conceded, but if it’s just me doing the work I still owe Sachi debts I can not repay, and parts will be near ten thousand credits which are all I would charge.

Ann sighed and turned to the new ship thinking the debtors might not be so bad. “That’s fine, that’s near everything after we pay for the resupply, but that is better than the other option I had. Thank you, Jason. How long?”

“Seventy-two hours, give or take. I can start today if I have permission to get the parts.” Jason replied.

“I’ll have Sag transfer the credits over,” Ann said.

She heard him leave the dock observatory deck through the hiss of an automatic door. Ann watched the Nebulas Mists began undocking from its slip and start the slow trudge out of Luna central station. “Someday,” Ann thought as the primary drive on the Neb started coming alive. Ann furrowed her brow, “They are too close to the…” She didn’t have the time to finish the thought as the Nebulas drive came fully fired only moments after leaving the dock. Explosions and screams ripped through the hangar and over the communications through the station’s speakers. Alarms and lights had filled her ears and eyes before she had the wits to begin running as fast as her troubled mind would take her.

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