(A-Z Challenge, read sequentially from A-Z! [Hint: Click HERE and scroll to the bottom.] Or don’t, that’s fine, too.)

“Reluctant wasn’t quite the word I was looking for. Maybe, asinine, idiotic, out of your mind may have been more appropriate,” Jabari said as he welded another piece of wall into place.

“We are wasting time here! We can’t just continue to let Mar slip further away from us when we were so close!” Ann responded angrily as she turned the wrench in her hand too hard and slipped, cracking her knuckles on the manifold, cursing. “Damn it, Jason! Wasn’t he supposed to have this fixed by now, what are we paying him for?!”

“Jason has been working sixteen hour days for the past week getting Mae back in one piece, Annie. Look,” Jabari said as he stood and faced her, “We can’t just spend all the credits we have and bankrupt ourselves chasing this ghost of a man all over the system. Hell, we don’t even know if he is just setting another trap for us at Venus, anyhow. We need to take care, Ann, no hurry, no rush. Be calculated and dangerous, that’s what you always told me, isn’t it? This Mar asshole has you up in the stars pissed, Ann, you’re starting to worry me.”

Sag entered the engine room and glared with those metal orbs at Jabari, “We will rush, we will hurry, and we will not hesitate. Do not try to convince otherwise.”

Jabari glared back into those flicking green flecks inside Sag’s metal iris’. After a moment Sag turned away, “Ann, come. You should see this.” Ann’s brow furrowed as Sag left the room without further comment forcing her to follow without question. Jabari shook his head and resumed his work as she followed Sag out.

Sag made his way out of Mae to the Luna Port proper where he could see outside of the base to the darkness beyond. He could hear Ann appear behind him. Sag pointed out the view windows towards a ship. “That’s the Brigandine approaching, and I think you’ll recognize the ship in tow.”

A dark-red hue paint job lit brightly by the Brigandine’s spotlights on the hull of the captured ship was indeed easy to recognize. Ann glared, “Surprised the thing is still in one piece if the Void caught her.”

Sag nodded, “I believe we should set up a welcome party.”

Ann smiled humorlessly, “Fantastic idea. I have a few unpaid invoices I need to collect on.


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