(A-Z Challenge, read sequentially from A-Z! [Hint: Click HERE and scroll to the bottom.] Or don’t, that’s fine, too.)





Sachi didn’t open his eyes. He didn’t have to. “Begone demon,” he replied under his breath. She came to him at night mostly, waking him in the darkness, her shadowy form shrouded in black in the open doorway to the sitting room in his small corridor style of a room on the south side of Luna Port.

“SACHI!” She screamed, forcing Sachi to wrench himself out of bed in the pitch night of the room and plant his feet hard on the floor returning her own volume of voice back at her.

“I said BEGONE demon!” Sachi screamed back. Light flooded the room and his mechanical eyes adjusted quicker than his normal eyes ever could have. Ann stood in front of him, squinting away the darkness before focusing on him.

“Don’t tell me you’re still seeing her, Sag,” Ann asked him, troubled.

Sachi waved away her concern and sat carefully on the bed, “What in the seven systems are you doing here, Ann?”

“You didn’t answer me,” she responded stubbornly.

Sachi sighed, “Sometimes,” he admitted hunching over and resting his elbows on his knees examining the floor, “nothing as bad as before, though. I fear the medicine grows weak.”

“We’ll up the dose,” Ann said simply. “Come, they have decided to dock the Neb early. Looks like they are trying to get it down quickly and they’ve brought her to the sectioned off Void Military’s quarter of the Port.”

Sachi’s brow raised, “…and just how do you propose to get anywhere near the ship if it’s in the VM quarter?”

“That’s where Jason comes in,” Ann replied turning and making her way out of the room, “Let’s go! I’ll wait in the hallway.”

Sachi looked up at her retreating through the door, “Jason?” He asked, but she was too far to respond and he was forced to quickly get dressed and follow her out.



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