(A-Z Challenge, read sequentially from A-Z! [Hint: Click HERE and scroll to the bottom.] Or don’t, that’s fine, too.)

“Tourbillion systems are garbage. Try taking a railgun shot through any engine and fix it and you might be able to piece it together as long as you have the know-how, but take a bite out of a design encased inside a vacuum that is inside another vacuum with more space rushing into it. You’ll be lucky to sniff recycled air again, let alone fix the damn thing. No, those things are for showboats, not utility. Just because some lover of antiquity wanted to make something out of a design meant for an entirely different use and thought they were clever. No, the difference between clever and useless, in this case, is no line at all.” Jason responded.
“You give me an amount, and I tell you what I can get you. Not my problem the only thing you can afford is some artifact meant for a museum,” the merchant officer replied.
Jason threw up his hands, “Fine! Let us see the damn thing.”
The Void Military would often sell off used, or reclaimed, pieces and parts that they had no use for anymore. They had enough trouble getting funding that they were forced to get creative in their raising of capital. Jason, Avesta, and Sachi followed through a half dozen corridors before coming into a storage area full of the scattered bones of old ships and derelict weapons. “Here,” he motioned to a large crate just halfway inside the large room as a static crunch rang through his handset attached to his shoulder.
“Roy! Roy! We need you down in receiving! Johnson just landed an Ion drive on a recruit’s legs! Hurry!” The voice hissed over the handset.
The Void officer growled under his breath, “Idiots.”
“No discount on dropped Ion drives?” Jason mused, “That’d be much better, covered in blood even, we’d take it.”
Jason received only a glare in return, “The Tourbillion is over there, take a look, but don’t touch anything else. Don’t forget you’re always under watch. I’ll return shortly.” The officer retreated into the corridors leading towards the storage room.
“Nice,” Avesta said with a bit of humor, “how did you arrange a random crushing of an employee, Jason?” She laughed.
Jason shrugged, “Wasn’t me. I was just going to knock him out and lock him up with his antique. Just a bit of luck, I ‘spose,” a half smile, corner lip raised was all Avesta got. She couldn’t help but notice the slight wink to Sachi.
“Right, whatever you say. I don’t care how you put the engineering degree to use as long as it’s in our favor.” Avesta turned to Sachi, “Let’s go, Jason will cover when they get back.”
Avesta made her way out the door, and towards the sanctioned off docking area the Void Military used to keep things away from prying eyes, Sachi followed.
Jason watched them go and turned to inspect the crate they were using as an excuse to get through the main gate. He brought the lid up and what greeted him was what he knew to be more form than function. As pretty as the Tourbillion design was, otherwise known as Whirlwind, the system served as the overly tilted balance towards art and less function. It wasn’t exactly as the namesake, Tourbillion, would have one believe as it had pieces merely for decoration that just represented propellant and timing being expelled rather than being able to control the system itself like more modern day engines.
Jason couldn’t deny the beauty of the device, but having a skeleton view into the heart of a ship only served to make him uncomfortable. Not to mention the sealed nature of the engine made it only reliable to work on in the float, Jason preferred the heavyweights of pull on his shoulders. Jason ran his hand along the large transparent graphene dome with the mass of gears and the over-complicated quadruple Whirlwind resting quietly inside, un-moving. There was an inscription on all four of the main gears of the device: Marrakech.


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