Middling Woden’s Day

“Annwe! Look at me!” She tore her gaze away, “Don’t forget to breathe. I love you.” He smiled that smile again and strangely he was falling away. No, she realized, it was her that was falling.

She screamed within her mask as the black metal of the elevator fell away then imploded below her before turning red and orange above her enveloping the entirety of the structure under where she was pushed out. The huge buildings directly above the elevator began to rocked and tilted from the blast and began to fall apart.

Explosions were ripping up the side of First Island causing the whole structure to begin a slow, yet definite, descent downward. Annwe plummeted through the cloud line and her ability to see anything faded. She fell for what seemed an eternity. “Dad…” she thought as she felt the pack on her back automatically open and a circular parachute opened above her, wrenching her painfully, slowing her descent.

When she descended through the thin layer of cloud cover, Annwe was stunned, speechless at what she saw. Through her watery eyes, the city of Marrakech appeared through the haze of heat huddled against the acidic ocean water of the Atlantic, the western beaches of Africa sprawling the horizon in the distance. The real scope of the Sahara desert was humbling. Sand as far as she could see. Annwe could already feel the heat enveloping her as she descended towards the bottom of the now broken structure.


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