Middling Woden’s Day

A week after the elevator fell, Annwe made her way across the close-knit rooftops towards her hideaway she called Safe Perch. It was the flat top roof of an abandoned building that transients were in and out of, shady deals were made and broken, or even the occasional raccoon could be found sleeping the heat of the day away. Annwe cared nothing for what happened inside.

She spent her time next to the half-broken gargoyles at the edge of the rooftop facing the endless view of the Sahara Desert. The massive dunes were a landscape of red and brown, dotted with the occasional boulder that cast shadows across the windswept inclines. Annwe bundled up her new blanket for a pillow to sit on and leaned back against the broken stone torso of a gargoyle missing its head. Worth every coin, she mused.

Annwe reached into a gap beneath the statue to retrieve a dusty visor with thick goggle eyepieces. She pulled a small metallic Dragonfly from one of the eyepieces. She set the little insect drone on the edge of the rooftop beside her. Annwe then closed her eyes after sliding the visor over her head and began making a connection to the flier. From the leather bands crisscrossing her dirty blonde hair, she slipped earpieces down into her ears.

The Dragonfly connected and Annwe’s vision became the Dragonfly’s view through the visor. Annwe listened to the sounds of the city streets below through the microphone of the Dragonfly and let her mind go as she lifted the drone away from the building to cascade down the side of the building.


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