Monandæg Snippets

It didn’t take him long, but no matter the height of the flames it didn’t seem to do him any good. There was a deep chill in him that he couldn’t seem to shake. Frustration set in as the second Sun made its ascent and he decided to inspect the pack that sat next to the small tent. Wylen found a few pieces of dried meat, some useless trinkets and a folded up piece of parchment. Dumping the pack upside down there was nothing else, and he went to seat himself next to the fire again before unfolding the dark brown stained piece of paper.

‘Those stains could be drops of blood, perhaps?’ He thought as he unfolded the parchment. There seemed to be just random lines drawn nonsensically across the surface, but when he saw it in its entirety, the lines came together to what could be a map of sorts. Arrows were pointing this way or that seemingly random without any context. Words written on the map as notations, yet they weren’t in any language he could make out.

The only word he recognized was at the top left of the paper, which if he made it outright said, Knyaz. Knyaz was a city, he knew, a city famed for its thieves gatherings and being a hub for contractual arrangements that need remain anonymous. Wylen sat again next to the fire with the map, the only clue he had to anything at the moment.

‘What else do I do?’ Wylen thought. It’s all I have right now. The desert heat was all around him only hours later, but he still didn’t move. Wylen sat unmoving, holding the folded parchment in his hand and stared into the dying embers of the fire. He waited for something to come back to him, he tried to piece together anything that might have led him to where he was, but there was nothing. Just a distant knowledge of where he grew up and that he had a home in Jumirin, but once again he thought the same thing, ‘Where the hell am I?’

Wylen stood and retrieved the small pack he dumped out earlier. He was able to fit the little tent inside the pack alongside the few other items before throwing it across his shoulder and looking towards what looked reminiscent of the beginnings of buildings in the distance. He would find his way to Knyaz, perhaps he would remember on the way how he came to be here, or there would be answers there.


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