(A-Z Challenge, read sequentially from A-Z! [Hint: Click HERE and scroll to the bottom.] Or don’t, that’s fine, too.)

“…viscous soup.” Jabari finished replying.
“What?” Jason said over the clatter of a dropped tool, he cursed.
“I said it’s like wading through a viscous soup, a fog, or an infested swamp that is actively trying to murder you,” Jabari explained again.
“What in the hell are you yammering about, pilot?” Jason stopped and turned to face Jabari.
“Trying to find out what in the four systems that Avesta and Sag are on about. What is keeping the chief from jetting that bastard into decomposed star stuff? What happened to the two of them?” Jabari said, frustrated. “I have flown for Avesta for nearly a decade and have been dealing with that nutbag Sag for nearly half that chasing some asshole across the system for reasons I’m not fully aware of.”
“Leave.” Jason said.
Jabari raised a brow to Jason, “Huh?”
“Just leave. You’re so damned miserable about it, leave.” Jason said simply.
Jabari shook his head with a sigh, “And do what? Fly for some half-cocked captain who’s on a mission to deliver the best ice-haul of his life, or some other twat who’s tryin’ to see what he can do to replace his pilot with a machine eventually?” Jabari shook his head, “No. I respect Avesta and besides having to put up with some gnat buzzing his morbid demeanor all over my ship, I really wouldn’t be anywhere else.”
“What’s your point here, pilot?” Jason said, losing patience.
“My point is,” Jabari explained, “is that you seem to have a history with Sachi, or Sag, or whatever it is you call him. What is the story there? Has he always been bat-shit crazy or is that a recent turn of events?”
Jason stared at Jabari for an uncomfortable silence before replying, “He had a thing for red-heads for awhile, that’s it.” Jason turned and grabbed his dropped tool off the engine room floor.
Jabari blinked. “Just what the bloody hell does that mea…” He didn’t have a chance to finish before the sounds of the alarm systems in the hangar began bellowing in his ears.



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