(A-Z Challenge, read sequentially from A-Z! [Hint: Click HERE and scroll to the bottom.] Or don’t, that’s fine, too.)

—–Without hesitation, Avesta dove headlong into the backside of single red and purple hued armored guard casually leaning against the corridor wall. The guard without a helmet, Sachi could hear the breath escape from the surprised military man’s lips before Avesta forcefully ran his chin into the steel floor. Sachi sighed quietly and displeasingly turned his head to her before continuing the furious pace that Avesta was maintaining. Just around the next corner of the hallway everything suddenly opened into a massive hangar, a star painted hull filled Sachi’s mechanical gaze. He was nearly taken aback by the lack of guards, “Probably didn’t think anyone would be this stupid obviously,” he said under his breath before cursing.
—–Avesta was already sprinting towards the open hatch of the Nebulae, Sachi struggled to keep up as she disappeared into the ship. Out of breath, Sachi smashed the back of his fist into the closing mechanism of the hatch door as he burst through the opening. It was then that he heard the alarms burst to life through the hissing of the sealing door now behind him.


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