Monandæg Snippets

—–Committing the page to memory Sang closed the book again and put it back in the saddlebag behind him. He pushed his steed forward to begin back down the path they came as Sang found he apparently chose the wrong direction. “I’ll double back and swing past the cliff face to the left this time following the river,” he thought. Sang had assumed to perhaps make his way over the small mountain by passing near the peak and down the other side. The path had proved treacherous for even his trusted steed he was riding; Songsway, the over-sized albino mountain goat.
—–“That’s okay,” Sang mused, “getting hungry anyway, perhaps we can get some more trout before the day dies.” He trotted along at Songsway’s pace as there was no other. Songsway could climb nearly any mountain trail, but he did at one speed: casual. Sang began going over the latest page he had read earlier remembering the curves in each letter, every punctuation mark, and the flow of the sentences throughout the writing. When they stopped for the night, he would transcribe the book to a more permanent piece of paper he could delve into more at his leisure. Sang could recall any written or a drawn image with immaculate detail for longer than he wanted. A skill which had proved immeasurably valuable and had given more than his fair share of advantages in life. Words had power, but some words had more authority in ink and less so sitting idle and useless in memory.
—–Sang and Songsway made their way through the Lagartija Forest towards the city of Egostrian. Egostrian is a highly religious sanctum for all faiths. A haven, if you will, of crossroads that pilgrimages all lead through, but never to. Sang had an individual Stavrophore monk to ask a couple of questions that concerned a book Sang had just come into owning. As the trees of the Lagartija began rising above Sang and Songsway, Sang found his thoughts retreating to Cozen, his favorite of cities, and why he had to leave his favorite of places.


—–“Saaaaaaang, you just CAN’T be serious?! Again?!” The archivist wailed in an accusatory tone.
—–“It wasn’t intentional! It’s not my fault the damn thing exploded when I read it!” Sang responded, despondent.
—–“It was directional, and you were pointing AT the page!” He exclaimed back.
Sang furrowed his brow, “Well, I figured that out after I finished reading it…” he responded back subdued. “Still! I can help you rework it. I memorized it remember?” He pointed to his head to help make his point.
—–“That was a copy for students of the Curriculum, Sang. It’s fine. Just go! Go!” He waved Sang forward towards the door.
—–“Wait! Hold on!” Sang extended out his arms in a motion of apology, “Just let me grab one more. Just one more! For the road, I need help unlocking a few key… locks!”
—–“Out!” The archivist yelled, his patience thinned past breaking.
—–Sang wheeled on wobbly legs out the double doors as the librarian pushed him the rest of the way out. He caught himself on the wall, Sang shook and patted down his clothes, straightening them, “I’m okay! Thanks for asking!” Sang then made his way out the entrance of the library whistling an old tune he forgot the name of ages ago. He smiled as he made his way down the main street of Cozen and reached into his bag pulling out one of the random books he had grabbed from the archivist’s library. ‘Thank you, sir,’ he thought as he turned it over in his hands to read the cover. ‘Egostrian Stavrophore Inquisition? Curious…’ Sang thought as he tucked the book away again. Songsway was where he left him and was starting to gnaw on the wooden hitching rail. “Songs! Come now, stop that.” Square, sometimes rectangular, eyes turned to regard him. Songsway cocked his head to the side looking to Sang, ‘What,’ the albino goat seemed to say. Sang took his bag and slid it into the saddle bag as Songsway returned to nibbling on the wooden hitching rail. Sang sighed and untied Songsway before leading him away from the treasury of books and the irritable archivist. “Honestly, I don’t see why he was so angry. He just let those books collect dust anyhow,” Sang mused.



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