(A-Z Challenge, read sequentially from A-Z! [Hint: Click HERE and scroll to the bottom.] Or don’t, that’s fine, too.)

——Yami Pícaro was not a guard. He did a fantastic job pretending to be one, though. At first, he thought he had been found out, but discarded the idea. No, if he had was discovered his comforts would be much less… well, comforting. He figured the backside of a brig door would be his best view for months, perhaps even the cold embrace of the float after they’d spaced him depending on who was calling the shots these days. ‘No,’ he thought, ‘they’re too preoccupied with the madness of earlier.’ Still, Yami knew he had to get gone before someone came in asking too many questions. The ache was slowly becoming dull and distant in his chin as he pulled the needle from his arm and stood. Stripping off the med-bay clothes he quickly grabbed his armor from earlier and slid easily into it.
——Peeking into the hall where the two from earlier had disappeared into he didn’t see anyone. He wasn’t too far off from where he had his still mysterious, ‘accident,’ from before. Yami took up a confident stride towards the direction of the Military Hangar. It still amused him at the number of times pretending to belong somewhere had gotten him where he was supposed to be or kept him undiscovered long enough to get out. He knew he didn’t have much chance of that happening here, besides, with what he was about to do, they’d have his face in the system for sure. He rounded the last corner to the ship bay, ‘She’ll soon be mine again, that beauty of a…’ Yami stopped, staring into the empty spot where the Nebulae Mist should be. He barely noticed the pair of guards coming in his direction. He didn’t care, the ship, HIS ship was gone. Fury began to well up inside of him, again. He calmly looked towards the pair approaching.
——”Hey, that ship,” Yami pointed towards the empty holding spot, “what was it, Nebu something, where’d it go? I was supposed to go over a couple of systems on it.”
——One of the guards looked towards him, they both had the same red and purple hued armor, but they both donned helmets. A transmitted voice responded through the helmet, “Took off earlier, something about testing out some systems, as well, you’ll have to wait until they return.” The guards kept walking along their route past Yami.
——Yami knew that wasn’t right, couldn’t be right, “What systems, what do you mean, and who was it?”
——The guards stopped and turned back to him, staring towards him for too long of a silent moment. Yami knew he might have overstepped, so he waved his hands in front of him. “Never mind, I apologize, doesn’t matter. It’s been a hell of a day. I think we can all agree. I’ll wait until they return.” The guards continued to stare at him until one of them nodded.
——”A hell of a day, that’s for sure, carry on.” They both turned and continued. Yami looked back towards the empty docking station where his ship should be, knowing that she wouldn’t be filling it anytime soon. Losing his ship once was nearly more than he could stand, but twice in one day, his fury threatened to overwhelm him. “I will find you,” he growled under his breath.


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