Sæterdæg Delvings

—–Dival watched each piece of grass come to a halt one by one, unsure and too stunned to move, and as the last overgrown grass stilled was when a cold metal hand came to rest softly on the fabric of his shoulder. Dival looked down slowly over his left shoulder at the metal shaped fingers and what seemed bone-like material weaved between slowly spinning gears where knuckles should have been. He followed the same style arm up to the spikes that covered the helmet that he now realized was just the head of the creature that now stared at him through two hollowed out holes where eyes should have been. A strangely humanoid jaw with the lips of a woman seemed to study him. Dival couldn’t help but silently stare, already emotionally drained from earlier, and studied it back. As he noticed something in its other hand. ‘Is that a trumpet?’ He was confused, remaining motionless and staring towards the other hand that had nearly ten fingers that held what looked to be a trumpet with just as many keys as fingers. His eyes came back up to its face which had soft alabaster skin from the neck to just below the cast iron eye sockets which held that uncanny emptiness. A feminine voice spoke, “Welcome home, Dival.”

—–He blinked as it released his shoulder and reached behind him to the large wooden doors. She, or it, released a hidden latch that produced a nearly inaudible click and the doors swung slowly inward to a profoundly dark entry hall which he could not see inside of further than a few feet. ‘Home?’ Dival thought for a moment before being drawn forward with a desperate curiosity. He slowly entered into the darkness through the doorway leaving behind what he could only describe as an automaton of sorts. ‘Perhaps from the city of Amorine? They were always building new contraptions and machines that some feared as being magic or evil. That was nonsense obviously, Amorine was just a haven for inventors, artists, and creators alike. Well, perhaps there were a few things indistinguishable from magic,’ he thought. This reminded him of a contraption that seemed purely of magic which he possessed. Dival pulled out a small orb from one of his many cloak pockets. He twisted each hemisphere opposite of one another, and with a soft buzzing at first before fading back to silence, a soft glow permeated the air around Dival as he stepped further into the cavernous entrance hall.




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