(A-Z Challenge, read sequentially from A-Z! [Hint: Click HERE and scroll to the bottom.] Or don’t, that’s fine, too.)

——Zollner’s crater was a few miles from the part of Luna’s base where his ship the Nebulae had been confiscated and stored, then stolen. He had a skiff in the crater that got him in unnoticed and would do just as well on the way out. Yami made quick time and was distracted enough to forgo any semblance of hiding his movements, but it didn’t seem to matter as there were no alarms or people pursuing that he could tell. ‘Who would be looking for a moron running around in the grey dust of this rock anyhow,’ he thought. As he came to the edge of the crater, he saw his one-man ship just below the lip of the edge on a flat outcropping of rock. Yami quickly got into his small ship and started it up and replace the atmosphere before removing his helmet. On his ship’s HUD Yami opened up his local map of the area and focused in on a red blinking dot labeled Nebulae Mist with the distance from his current location next to the name.
——Yami wondered why the ship was just sitting there outside of Luna’s patrol area, engines as dark as the space around it. “They should be halfway to wherever it is they are from. What are they doing…” He said under his breath. Yami shook his head, it didn’t matter to him, easier for him to get her back is all. Grey dust exploded out from beneath his ship as he rose from the surface and sped away from Luna, towards the Nebulae. ‘You’ll have blood on your walls again, but I’ll clean you up, don’t you worry. We’ll be home soon.’ Yami set course and began his preparations to board.


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