Monandæg Snippets

—–‘These two men had a storied history,’ Cerene thought, as she stared silently towards them still spouting off to one another reducing common language to more animated hand and arm movements than words. ‘Perhaps there would be blood this day,’ she mused. Despite how much she was enjoying watching an exchange of intelligently formed conversation she had somewhere to be.
—–Cerene stood and turned on her heel to make her way back through the crowd that had gathered around the two men to loiter and watch. Cerene had to be back to the monastery to join the Respects with the people there. She quickened her pace through the throng of individuals and made easy work of the distance before slowing when the people thinned out. Coming in sight of the chapel when she was making her way past the graveyard next to the monastery she saw him again. Tham, she noticed, was here for the second time this week just before the setting sun. A pang of despair went through Cerene at Tham’s devotion to his wife’s resting place. She couldn’t help to feel conflicted at the beauty and sadness of such a thing, but Tham was always content and never hesitated to smile to her despite his obvious struggles that were far greater than hers.
—–Sometimes Tham spoke to the likes of Cerene, her muteness didn’t stop him. That’s why Cerene felt a keen sense of respect for the man’s open honesty and kindness. It was hard to get used to how most would pretend she couldn’t hear as well as talk. No matter how much she told herself being a ghost to those around her didn’t bother her, or that she just didn’t exist because she wasn’t able to speak, she still found herself retreating from everyone outside and in. These were feelings that she ignored for the most part and in her later years noticed more and more she could use to her advantage.
—–Cerene had made quick time to the monastery, and she was a bit early to the Respects. She would see if Tham wanted to visit before continuing in as the more frequent visits to his wife lately might have an interesting reason. Tham didn’t seem to notice her as she approached through the garden of headstones to sit near where he was. Cerene waited, quiet, eyes forward to the same headstone he looked upon. She knew it was his wife that rested here and that, from the date of the inscription, it was only two passings since she had left him.



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