Middling Woden’s Day

—–When they arrived, her father pointed up the endless tower. “That is where I am going.” He rested a hand on her head and turned it down towards a small building near the bottom of the tower itself. “That is where you’re going with the others. It will only be a few hours at most, I promise.”
—–“I don’t want to stay down here again!” Annwe pleaded as she pointed to the clouds, “I want to go up there with you!”
—–He smiled that stupid smile of his, “Someday Annwe, but not today.”
—–“Today is someday! Please?!” Annwe gave him her best pout, but she knew he wouldn’t budge.
—–“No, Annwe, I’m sorry,” he said, “Now go. I’ll see you soon,” he kissed her forehead and mussed her hair again before turning to join his lab partners near the base of the tower. Annwe glared at his back before silently resigning to another boring wait reading her books. Approaching the building she turned to see her father, but couldn’t see him or the others. Annwe looked to the building she was supposed to go to and then back up the length of the tower that stretched into the sky. She shook her head defiantly and ran towards the base of the tower. She would go see the clouds. For once she would escape the desert, the heat, and the smell of oil. Annwe stopped at the doorway and listened, she could hear her father.

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