Thorsdagr Labyrinthine

—–“Ennu!” He sighed looking towards the door that led outside of the manor, his hand resting on the cold brass handle feeling the humid cold air of the storm on the other side leeching into the metal, a soothing feeling.
—–“Yes, darling, what is it?” A petite, fair-skinned woman with hair the color of ravens came bursting out into the hallway and pointing at him before motioning Ennu to follow her.
—–“Eat! You must eat before you wander off into the night on whatever venture you’re getting yourself into now.” She turned abruptly, not waiting to see if he followed because of course, he would.


—–The taste of dinner still permeated his tongue as he made his way through the drenched city of Lastium, a robust and predictable city. Most thievery was kept along the outskirts in towards the mainland, and a few select alleyways, but that came with cities that outgrew the land they started on. With the high volume of expensive items going in and out of the large city the dock merchants pay a hefty, and willing, tax to keep any disruptive kind away from their goods. Constables are heavy footed with any troublemakers, and there are one for every ten citizens within the city that houses over ten-thousand stable residents and just as many transients arriving by boat all hours of every day. At least there were that many people when there wasn’t a storm battering the harbor in which currently put businesses without shelter at a standstill. Ennu lived and breathed predictability, this storm was putting him out of sorts. The inns, pubs, and discreetly hidden away alley banned brothels were teeming with tourists and residents riding out the sheets of water pouring down from the charcoal colored clouds above.
—–Ennu pulled his cloak tighter around himself as a carriage blew past him, he cursed, wondering who in the devil’s hell would be in such a hurry to get nowhere at this time of day. He smirked slightly and asked himself what his own business was, why was he so hasty? ‘Just want this miserable business over with,’ Ennu thought.
—–He could hear the harbor waves splashing against the wooden sides of the docks as he approached a well lit, and very bustling, alehouse with a colorful wooden sign that read, Last’s Draw. He quickly made his way into the building shaking off his black wide-brimmed hat that kept off some of the rain before entering. Ennu wasted no time and waved down the man behind the bar.


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