Middling Woden’s Day

—–“Check your oxygen, no need to remind you that you’ll go hypoxic without it after the detonation and the elevator depressurizes. Let’s review. Jen?” Her father asked.

—–Jen responded, “The first explosive will be at the troposphere which determined to be 8.5 kilometers in elevation from our location, the second at the tropopause which has been found to be 18.8 kilometers in altitude. We have been over these numbers. We need to go. Now.”

—–Explosives?, Annwe thought. “Fine, fine,” her dad said. He sounded reluctant to Annwe. He was always the type to try the same experiment repeatedly to make sure all the details were worked out. “Let’s go.” Annwe glanced into the room. They were all wearing tanks and masks with backpacks. She could hear large doors to the elevator hiss as they opened around the corner. She didn’t want to be left out again. The doors began to close. Annwe ran. Before anyone could say anything, she barreled into the elevator as the doors closed in behind her.

—–“Annwe!” She heard her father yell, “What are you doing?! Stop! Stop the elevator!” It was too late. Annwe could feel the gravity of a slow upwards movement.

—–“If we stop it now, they’ll know, this might be our only chance,” Jen said. It was only then that Annwe noticed the blood. A uniformed guard lay unmoving in the corner of the large elevator floor.



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