Thorsdagr Labyrinthine

—–“I need to get in touch with a Light by the name of Three. I hear he is the only one that will help me get to a ship docked out north of the harbor. The ship’s name is Resplendent.” Ennu spoke quietly to the innkeeper behind the bar, the noise of the main room drowning out his words.
—–“Fast ship that one is, high priority shipments, you think they’ll risk letting someone aboard during rough seas, good sir?” The Innkeeper responded.
—–“That is not the concern. I just need a Light,” Ennu said.
—–The innkeeper nodded, “I know of Three, he is ‘thee’ Light to be exact. He will cost you more than the average as he will most likely be the only one willing with this weather.”
—–“The cost isn’t a concern, either,” Ennu stressed, “where can I find him?”
—–“He’s most usually out at the dock house off of the southern number twenty-two dock. Good luck, sir.” The Innkeeper, Last was his name, nodded to Ennu and heeded the call of one of his patrons asking for another fill.
—–Ennu turned to head towards the exit before running headlong into a barrel-sized chest. Ennu felt like he’d been tossed back by a wall before blinking away the sudden confusion and looking up towards the man’s face. “Ah, Constable Jenry, I apologize, I was stuck in reverie.”
—–“Not used to seeing you about perusing with the people of the city, Ennu. What brings you to this storybook cold and stormy night?” Jenry’s voice was laden hard with a Lastium accent, thick and from the gut, that only lifers of the city obtained.
—–Ennu cursed his luck as he smiled warmly towards Jenry, “Just checking on some shipments, making sure they’re still waiting out the storm and haven’t decided to sail back on home with my goods.” Which wasn’t far from the truth, getting a shipment wasn’t anything out of the ordinary being in the shipping trade capital this side of the ocean of Rystan.
—–“Ennu, it’s spittin’ demons from the heavens, what package can’t wait until the light warms us with her presence again?” Jenry asked curiously with a half risen brow.
—–‘Damn your suspicious inquiries Jenry,’ Ennu thought, “To be frank, Constable, I’m as antsy as a drying out worm watching this storm go on for days. Needed to get out and feel like things were getting done.”
—–Jenry nodded, “Should take up arms in the city guard Ennu!” He bellowed humorously thick from his gut, “When it’s wet the rats prowl the streets thinking we’re afraid to get wet for a catch!” Jenry slapped a meaty hand on Ennu’s shoulder, “Watch yourself out there the roads are slick with Oiler’s milling about.”



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