Sunnandæg Reflections

—–The week’s meddlings.

—–He knew deep down he would join the nameless soul soon enough. He ran his fingers across what must have been a skull, smooth and round. He could make out the mandible and jawline, too. Something metal in the dirt, metal and circular with rubber tubes attached to it. He felt along the tubing to where it separated into two sections that led to what felt a bit like headphones. “A stethoscope?” He wondered for a moment how in the hell the device found its way into the dirt as he awkwardly reached up to put the headphone part in his ears.
—–He could feel the blood in his ear even more now as he placed the metal end of the stethoscope on his chest. The beat of his heart sounded like thunder to the throbbing of his head. “Still works apparently,” he said as he pushed the metal end of the device to the floorboards above him. Deafening silence and the throb of his heartbeat in his ears was all he could hear. There was something in the distance though. A mumbling of voices, perhaps? He thought. Footsteps, he heard footsteps! His heart began to beat faster, which made his head hurt more, he heard voices with the sound, three of them, and he pushed his shoulders together to drive the headphones deeper into his ears; the sounds were getting closer still, close enough to make out words even.



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