Thorsdagr Labyrinthine

—–Jenry nodded, “Should take up arms in the city guard Ennu!” He bellowed humorously thick from his gut, “When it’s wet the rats prowl the streets thinking we’re afraid to get wet for a catch!” Jenry slapped a meaty hand on Ennu’s shoulder, “Watch yourself out there the roads are slick with Oiler’s milling about.”

—–Oiler’s were what the people of Lastium nicknamed the transients who stayed longer than their welcome. Any Oiler tried to dig their way into the river of coins that came and went in the pockets, purses, or charity given freely by the soft-hearted throughout the city. The city guard did well enough keeping them out of sight, but where there is a city, there is an underbelly no matter how well kept scrubbed on the surface. Ennu smiled and nodded his partings to the house of a man named Jenry, before quickly exiting the Inn back into the shroud of shadow that was the night.

——-The number twenty-two dock extended towards the very end of the harbor, one of the first landings coming in from the sea. There was only darkness within the small building at the top of the dock. Ennu found it hard to fathom, but it seems that Three was already out on the water, ‘At least it was worth a shot,’ he thought. There was a way to call a Light in darkness at the dock’s end. ‘I’m going to have to try the signal,’ Ennu already regretted the thought. The pitch black night was impossibly dark, but as Ennu made his way down the flexible ramp towards the float, the black soup of water seemed to suck the rest of the thin light that remained in the hours after the white-blue light of Vega settled under the horizon for the night. Behenian was currently in its new phase, the usually bright moon leaving the night as black as a crow feather. Trying as he might to not tumble off the edge of the dock in the unlit darkness Ennu found himself nearly going for a swim with each gust of the wind that seemed to laugh and howl at him with each passing push. “Damned wind demons! Leave me be!” Ennu cursed as he finally came to the end of the float. A cylindrical pole rose from the water that anchored the dock in front of him. Ennu chided himself for not bringing his light to lead the way forward. Foolishly, he didn’t think he would find himself in complete darkness tonight. “There’s the end,” Ennu muttered, “…now where is…” Looking to his left, he found the bell-box that held the call for a Light lead. Ennu wondered for a moment if Three would even be able to hear the ring in this wind. He would just have to try.



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