Sunnandæg Reflections

—–The week’s meddlings.

—–“Where is he?” He heard loud enough to make him jump. That was a new voice.
—–“Down in the hole like you wanted,” a voice further off answered.
—–“Burn it down. We need to make sure this one disappears,” the louder voice replied.
—–Only moments later he could hear the sounds of what resembled water splashing above him. “Definitely. Not. Water,” he thought, his heart beginning to pound. A loud whoosh of air filled his eardrums along with the slightest pinpoint of light on the opposite side of a nearby joist. A cold sweat covered him as he dropped the stethoscope and turned as hard as he could. He felt as if he was breaking his ribs as turned his body to the side. As hard as he could, he pushed hard against the wooden planks to try and flip to his stomach. His ribs popped and refused, but with a last ditch effort and a loud ‘crack!’ he was congratulated with a face full of dirt.
—–Adrenaline pushed past the pain of a broken rib as he crawled across the ground and over the skull beside him, now visible in the flickering, shadowy light of the growing fire. He lurched forward hard under the joist, and he sped as fast as he was able to the other side where the light showed through the floor. Ash rained down through the burgeoning hole in the wood.
—–He made his way under the weakened floorboards and leaned his back into the floor and pushed as hard as he could as he brought his knees underneath him. The floorboards flexed, but they didn’t break. With his knees under him he was stuck but could push harder, and he did. Flames licked his back, but he ignored them and pushed. The crack this time wasn’t his ribs, but the boards. Heat enveloped him as he stood up from the now broken floor. He had only a moment to see where to run, but that was all that he needed as his body took over and he ran through the open door.



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