Thorsdagr Labyrinthine

——-The rain decidedly ramped up its efforts to add to his misery seemingly wanting to drown him as he stood. Ennu opened the box that contained a brass bell the size of his head he pulled it out. Lightning cracked across the sky, golden flecks in the bell reflected a green shine off its surface before thunder crashed into his ear drums moments after, making his heart skip a beat. Ennu sighed and then hit the side of the large bell on a metal edge of the box itself. The clang that the brass bell made seemed to drown out all the rain and echoes of thunder that permeated the air before fading softly away. Again, Ennu cracked the edge of the box, harder this time against the metallic edge. The rain didn’t cease, but the wind did die down for a moment as he listened to the bell’s deep tang speed across the churning sea waters. Finally, a third crack of the golden bell that seemed softer, yet lasted longer, then the first two rings was his last call to Three. Ennu then waited, holding the bell at his side looking out towards the mouth of the harbor feeling the sideways drops of water pelt the side of his cheek.
——-For what seemed an eternity, Ennu stubbornly glared out into the water past the harbor. He imagined where the Resplendent would be riding out the winds and doing it’s best not to get close to shore, lest it would tear itself apart on the rocks of the jetties that were inharmonious in how they protruded out into the Rystan Ocean. As short as the small rock protrusions were into the waters, they were aptly named the Devil’s Fingers. Doing what they must by breaking apart the swells of the water coming inland, but they were deathly when the Lighthouse found itself dark in the night for poor unfortunate sailors trying to make their way inland. Ennu was in a reverie of an incident many years prior, a similar storm when the Lighthouse did not come alive in the night. Some still argue which it was; trespassers were tampering, or even transients that broke the fixture in which housed the light. Blood covered the rocks below the Lighthouse that night, but there were also three ships full of crewman that found themselves swimming for shore, their wooden hulls shattered in the dark. Therefore, blood on the rocks wasn’t necessarily a surprise. Ennu found himself trying to find the Lighthouse but realized he couldn’t see it. Confused, he tried to remember the last time he had seen the Lighthouse shining its protective beam into the dark ocean nights; he couldn’t remember. Ennu squinted through the sheet of water covering his eyes before wiping them away to see clearer. ‘There,’ he thought, ‘…there he is.’


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