Sunnandæg Reflections

—–The week’s meddlings.

—–Saeko couldn’t help but stop her playing and scratch at the shoulder where she could feel the incessant crawling under her skin. It was only then that she realized it was the heat of flames and smoke brushing her exposed skin creating her unease. Saeko turned to see the black smoke pouring out of the doorway behind her. She sighed and stood only to be immediately knocked forward nearly on her head. Saeko caught herself on her Shamisen, using it as a crutch before glaring at her assailant. He wasn’t so lucky as his form landed face first on the dusty road down the stairs beside her. It didn’t seem to slow him much as he jumped into a crouch, looking from side to side like a hunted beast. He was nearly soot black, covered in smoke and dirt from eyes to toes; the man was more animal than human with that wild look in his eye.


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