Ruminating the 11th Hour

Sam blinked. Only her Father called her by her full name. ‘If this… thing, is calling me by my full name, that means Father must’ve made you,’ Sam thought. “Th… than… thank you,” she managed. Sam composed herself before continuing, but keeping her distance as she stared into the lights that must serve as its eyes, “Glad to meet you, too, I think. What is your name?” She couldn’t think of anything else to say.

The lights on the seemed to dim, and the head rotated from side to side before landing back on her again, it looked like it was blinking at her. “I do not have a name it would seem, Samantha.”

“Stop calling me that, call me Sam,” she snapped back, surprised by her reaction at being reminded about her parents.

“If that is what you wish, Sam,” the device replied.

She didn’t know what to do, so she approached slowly and studied the thing. It looked like it was crouching down ready to jump. It had two legs, though short in stature, two arms wrapped around what she thought might be it’s back, and a sphere for a head with an egg-shaped depression where the eyes came from. “Can you stand?” Sam found herself asking. Without a word the device stood, it was much taller than her, perhaps even her father. Sam took a step back, suddenly fearful. “You’re a robot…” Sam said more to herself. When it seemed the robot reached full height he began shrinking, it’s legs being absorbed into its torso seemingly disappearing behind its armor plating.

Sam’s eyes went wide as the robot stopped at eye level with her, “How’d you do that?”

“I am programmed to grow with you, Sam, unless you wish me to remain taller?” The robot responded.

Sam shook her head, “No, no, this is fine. But what do you mean, programmed? Programmed by who, for what?”

“Your father, of course, and to take care of you.”



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