Ruminating the 11th Hour

Her parent’s lab wasn’t as broken apart as some of the others Sam had been passed. Everything seemed mostly in order with whatever business they were doing. Her hope was beginning to wane in ever finding anyone. What would she do if she couldn’t find out what had happened to everyone, but honestly Sam didn’t care about everyone, she only cared about finding her parents. ‘They wouldn’t leave me, they have to be here,’ Sam thought, but her own thought even sounded more an effort to convince herself that things weren’t as dire as they currently seemed to be.

Sam screamed and jumped back against a table knocking a microscope and some Petri dishes to float towards the far wall and ricochet away from her. From the far corner of the room, Sam stared towards the buzzing sound that had startled her as the spherical object turned and rotated. After a few rotations lights began shimmering deep within what she could only figure was the front of the device. A mechanical, yet soothing voice spoke after a moment. “Hello Samantha, glad to finally meet you.”



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