Thorsdagr Labyrinthine

Three chalices sat in front of Ennu, two empty and the third cup filled half with a blackberry wine that had slight tremors across the surface of the fluid from the sequential little to index finger tapping of his fingertips on the table. His eyes were immeasurably distant as Ennu cursed the storm that held him here. The ship was delayed nearly an entire week, along with his shipment. A sour look stained Ennu’s features. If anything brought a sense of dissatisfaction with the world around him, it was unreliability, instability, and this damned ship-stopping, money halting storm.

Ennu sat and listened to the raging winds rush past the window on the far side of the room. A whispering ghost at first, to a screeching banshee, and finally a distant howl far and away to join its other wind brethren hampering the manor walls. He raised his hand stilling his tapping fingers to rest on the edge of an empty chalice. ‘No, I cannot sit idly by any longer,’ he thought. Pushing his fingers forward the cup tipped and then bounced with a loud arpeggio clang that quickly faded before rolling back and forth.

Ennu’s eyes still stared off into the distance as he stood, done with waiting for the storm to heed his impatience. Standing, Ennu made his way to the wall hanger by the door and grabbed his thick earthen wool cloak and throwing it across his forearm before exiting out of his office to do something, anything, about ending this dreadful lingering.

As the door rattled shut behind Ennu, a book on the shelf behind his desk fell with a soft thump to come to rest on a pale white skull. Eye sockets hollow and incessantly staring forward into the door leading out of the room. The weight of the book began to move the bone through the thick layer of dust on the shelf. Slowly, at first, then as if pushed the book slapped the wooden shelf shifting the skull off the edge. The head broke into several misshapen pieces on the hard, unfinished floor of Ennu’s reading room. Blood began pooling beneath the shattered skull spilling slowly in all directions and between the seams of the hardwood planks of which the broken fragments now sat.



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