Frigedæg Fallout

“Enucleation by one’s doing isn’t something you deal with every day, Avesta. Also known as auto-enucleation or oedipism.” Avesta listened with half an ear as she scrolled through the last few hours of filtered news on her handheld. Rhett tended to ramble when he was operating; she wondered if it was a form of distraction for him to help his concentration. Avesta looked up to Rhett as he continued talking while still focusing on Sag’s injuries.

“The muscles and the orbital contents are damaged, but intact enough,” Rhett said offhandedly.

“Oedipism?” Avesta asked.

Rhett nodded, keeping his goggle visors down at what he was doing. “A term that comes from Oedipus, a king in the old Greek mythos that was left to die in the mountains, but survived. He lived through his infancy only to create a life of tragedy.” Rhett removed his magnifying goggles and placed them on the metal table next to the softly breathing Sag. Rhett removed the gloves he was wearing and threw them in the garbage before continuing as he went to the other side of the room to retrieve something. “You see, it turns out that Oedipus ended up not only killing his father but also marrying his mother all without knowing the truth of it.”

He reached into a now open cupboard and pulled out two small egg-shaped objects and turned to face her before leaning against the counter. “Not only did he not learn of the incestuous deeds until after he had four children with his mother, but after multiple events had revealed this to him, he tried to find his mother who had fled realizing all this but moments before him. Oedipus discovered that his mother had hung herself before he had the chance to speak to her. He took a brooch from her clothes and plucked his own eyes out with it.”

Avesta shook her head, “That’s a horrible story, Rhett. Fitting though with Apollo being Sag’s middle name, I suppose,” she said sadly looking over to the still sleeping Sag.



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