Announcement – Novella Release Date: 6/1/19

Nebulae Mist: Novella One of Without Bounty

Through the clouds above, Annwe could see the bottom of the floating cities of the Canary Islands. In the distance, a shapeless chunk of debris fell and landed hard on the ground, spewing sand high into the wavy desert air. It was common for trash to rain down into the sandy wilderness. It seemed the city hovered above the entirety of the Sahara at times. It was why Marrakech didn’t extend out beneath the Canary Islands. The danger of discarded rubbish from the clouds was too frequent and unexpected to live below the city. Annwe grit her teeth, disgusted by the crunching of salty sand. She hated the taste. Annwe looked to her father and followed his gaze forward to their destination: a thin, dark, metallic elevator that extended up through the haze of thin clouds and seemingly to the stars above.


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