Monandæg Snippets

“What have you done?! Oh, gods, what have you done?!” She screamed again and ran quickly out of sight.

Cyrene’s vision swam as she heard the front entrance door slam shut behind Jesine, emotion threatening to overwhelm her. How could she explain herself? She couldn’t. They might even kill her before she could get to a piece of paper to try and explain. She looked down at her bloodied arms and hands and the knife and said a silent prayer as she threw the knife against a cupboard, the blade sticking into the wood with a sharp twang. She was suddenly angry, no furious at Randal, the situation, herself. Before the sound of the stuck knife faded she grabbed another huge bandage, the biggest she could find. Cyrene pushed Tham hard to get him on his back. Pushing the bandage into the knife wound she took the last of her wrapping she could find and wrapped it as tight as she could under Tham’s shirt, directly on the skin. She had no time, she didn’t want to be killed, they wouldn’t understand, this looked so bad, Cyrene was scared and so angry. She kissed Tham on the cheek and said another silent prayer for him, hoping against hope that she had done enough. Cyrene ran out the back as fast as her legs would take her. She would have to go into the Lagartija Forest for now and hide until she could sort this out. Fear and adrenaline drove her, the tears did not stop as they streamed across her temples, but her fury is what drove her.


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