Tiwesdæg Campaign

A familiar rattling of bones echoed as he walked through the creaky corridor of the constantly shifting planks of his ship. With the intuition of a half dozen lifetimes, he lifted skeletal fingers to grasp the top of the door frame and adjust to lean starboard as an over-sized swell rocked the wooden carcass of a ship hard. Without missing a step, he lifted an iron-heavy black boot over the lower frame of the doorway and began making his way further into the stern’s belly of the ship. A sadly too familiar sight greeted him as he stopped and stared into the disparate emptiness from wall to wall.

He ran ivory digits across the brim of his over-sized leather hat before tapping his index finger on the crystal adorning the front-middle letting his thoughts drift for a moment. Reaching down into his chest pocket, flecks of gold within the deep red of his coat reflected what little light there was in the cargo hold as he did so, he pulled out a few of the rubies he had stashed inside. He admired the shine of the jewels as he rotated them within his palm, the shimmering red shine a stark contrast to the bright ivory of his skeletal hand. With a sigh, followed by a sudden burst of anger, the Captain shoved the rubies back into his pocket and turned on a heavy booted heel, determined to fill his hold with gold and jewels as it once had been.


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