Thorsdagr Labyrinthine

Sam wasn’t sure how she got to the shipyard, or how long it took. She stood and stared at the remnants of a shattered hangar with bits and pieces of station and ship colliding against one another as the debris floated aimlessly.

Sam was thrilled that she had been able to get here without incident, but her fears and worries threatened to choke her as she stood frozen. ‘This is the safest spot?’ She thought. Concern welled up inside her. Her thoughts turned to how much worse it could be where her parents were.

Sam switched her external audio back on, unsure how to work the radio in her suit. “Dad?” After a moment of waiting, Sam attempted to figure out her radio. After a few different button presses, the white noise of empty airwaves filled Sam’s ears. “Mom? Dad? This is Sam. Can you hear me?” A sudden, but quick, crack of noise made her heart jump, but the silence continued to dominate everything around her. A half-broken, half-burnt sign floated slowly past her that read, “Thank you for visiting 532 Herculina. Fly safe!” As the sign sank away out of view, her eyes locked onto someone coming towards her. It took her a moment to realize there was no life in the other’s eyes, and they were staring right through her as the unmoving body floated towards, then slowly past. Sam stood frozen, scared, and unable to think.

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